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Votos totales:  32 . Le gusta al: 90.63% .
Votos totales: 32 . Le gusta al: 90.63% .
Descripción del juego Barbie Moving To Manhattan:
In every country girl's life comes a moment when she wants to take a big step and move to the big city. Barbie has always dreamed of moving to Manhattan and it's no wonder why. Manhattan is a fashion capital, a glamorous place full of opportunities waiting to happen. The best art museums, the best theatres, the best dancing places, the best of everything is there. Barbie can't wait to move to Manhattan, but it's not an easy job considering that she has spent her whole life in the countryside. She really needs a makeover and a change of style. Can you help her out and transform her into a true diva? It would be a real challenge! You will start with a facial makeover and a hair spa and then you will have to advice her considering her wardrobe. Barbie has to know what is a yes and what is a no-no in order to become a fashionista like all the Uper East Sidders. Make sure that she looks really glamorous before comitting to this major change in her life. Have a lovely time playing our fabulous new game called Barbie Moving To Manhattan.

Play this Barbie Game with your mouse.


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